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A wedding is a most special & most significant event in every individual’s life. It said that “Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on Earth” & as a part of this celebrations, the would-be-bride, the bridegroom & their families want everything to be perfect & take every possible measure to make the event more special & memorable. The celebration of weddings often begins with selection & printing of the wedding cards.

There are different types of creative & unique wedding invitation cards that come in many different styles & colors but choosing the best invitation card as per the theme of your wedding is the most important thing to be considered while selecting the invitations. Check out the different types of wedding invitations card options available:

Traditional folded cards: This is the most common type of card as most greeting cards sold are of this type. Higher quality versions will have a paper insert attached to the inside of the invite for any text or message to be on the card. They can be folded at the side or the top and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Gatefold cards: As the name says, the invitation card from the front view looks like a double gate, sometimes these are called dual gated cards. The front cover opens from the center into two separate sides. The invitation text would typically then be on the facing surface behind the front cover. Some of these invites use ribbons to keep them closed.

Trifold cards: The trifold card is one long piece of card with two folds in, spaced separately & evenly to create three equal sections. These are very similar to Z cards, but the difference is the way they are folded and printed. Trifold cards have printing or decoration on both sides, one side of the invite being for the invitation text and the remainder for other information.

Bifold cards: These cards are very similar to the typical greeting cards & also known as booklet-type cards. When used as an invitation, this style of the invitation card–the raised panel card– can fold on the outside or the inside. These type of cards can print on both the sides.

There are several wedding card vendors or online stores available that can help you in selecting the right card as per your requirements. is one such online wedding card store that packed with thousands of creative invitation card designs for all occasions. The store offers card designs with full customization regarding design, colors, wordings, embellishments. So choose the perfect card from a wide range of options available that fits your budget and wedding theme.

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