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Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the most popular technology trends that has invaded the business scenario in recent years. The technology enables computers to reliably replicate human intelligence. That is why it opens new boundaries for companies because they can leverage the benefits of AI-powered applications to automate their business processes and activities to drive growth and efficiency.

Data-Viz Services We Offer

Data Preparation

Transform, cleanse, and consolidate raw data into a form that can readily be analyzed and turned into greater business insights. Good data preparation allows for efficient analysis, limits errors and inaccuracies that can occur to data during processing, and makes all processed data more accessible to users.

Data ETL

Data is one of the most valuable asset of any organization. To unlock its maximum potential, data from different sources need to be properly integrated for analytics. This is achieved by ETL data integration. The three main steps of ETL is Extract, Transform and Load, but additionally, there are many more many procedures involved with ETL data services.


We understand the client’s requirements and plan a dashboard design that suffices to these requirements. We specialize in creating custom dashboards that are tailored to the client’s requirements depending upon the business verticals they belong to.

Story telling

Identify stories, patterns, insights, trends, and potential usage strategies out of data.

Self-service BI

Make key decisions quickly and gain insights by developing rapid reports, and visualize data without having to involve the IT

Real time & Augmented Analytics

Real-time analytics is the discipline that applies logic and mathematics to data to provide insights for making better decisions quickly. Augmented analytics is the use of enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation and insight explanation to augment how people explore and analyze data in analytics and BI platforms.

Our BI Products


Business Intelligence Application

Wizhi is a Business Intelligence Application for creating dashboards, reports and performing visual analysis. Wizhi helps you stay in control of your business by giving you visibility into your most important data and metrics, wherever you are.

Our Key Focused Domains


Web Analytics


Tools we specialize

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